• Shock Clamp - Double

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    Shock Clamp fixes car hoods and hatches with weak gas springs! this inexpensive fix installs in seconds. Made of stainless steel for durability and proudly Made in USA. 

    Directions to Install:

    1. Open the car hood or hatch to expose the shaft of the weak gas spring.

    2. Unscrew the thumbscrew from the Shock Clamp to fit over the exposed shaft.

    3. By hand, tighten the thumbscrew with the clamp against the larger outer spring housing. The hood or hatch should now stay up. 

    4. Depending on how weak your spring is you may need to use two Shock Clamps (one on each side). Shock Clamp is for rod sizes up to 10mm.

    To Close the Hood or Hatch:

    1. Look on the shaft away from the housing and check if there is an area that has not been going into the housing.

    It will not be as shiny, may have paint or dirt on it. Clean any dirt or grease off of it.

    2. Loosen the thumbsrew and slide down the shaft toward the end (away from the housing).

    3. Slowly, lower the hood or hatch (do not force) and watch that it will safely allow storage on the shaft. If not, you will have to find another place in the engine compartment (for example, a thick bracket or a hinge that will not hit the hood or hatch when closed).